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Having illustrated and published the children's book "Pueo" (a collaboration with the author Michael Jordan) Gilly completed the artwork for the "Kolar's Gold" project funded by the Arts Council England and Cornwall Heritage Trust.

This project is being led by the band "The Rowan Tree" who commissioned Gilly to design the album sleeve and illustrations for the accompanying publication.

The album has now been released and profits are going to the Kolar Gold Fields School's Foundation and Cornwall Heritage Trust. More about the band, their music and the project itself can be found at

New publication:

'Poems from Home   Words and Pictures '  now available on (see link below) - a collaborative work with David Moore, combining illustrations and poems by Gilly with David's poems.  All proceeds of sale will go to Macmillan Cancer Support and Brake Road Safety Charities.

Poems from Home: Words and Pictures: Middleton, Ms Gillian M, Moore, Mr David: 9798391861690: Books

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